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"Neglect" and the Family Police

Was your family affected by allegations of neglect made by the family police (agencies that call themselves "child welfare" or "child protective services")? This would include allegations involving domestic violence or use of drugs or alcohol.  We invite you to share your experiences with the Reimagine Child Safety Coalition as we gather stories to increase awareness about the harm caused by the family regulation system.  

An overwhelming majority of so-called "child welfare" allegations are classified as "neglect." We know that most instances of so-called "neglect" are really racism and/or poverty related, which is why one of our demands is that the LA County Board of Supervisors place a moratorium on detentions related to neglect to prevent more families from being ripped apart. 

If your family has been affected by allegations of neglect, we want to hear from you! Please complete this form to share your story. Excerpts from various stories will be included in our campaign to increase awareness about issues involving so-called "neglect," and a member of our coalition might reach out to you if we have additional questions. 

You are not obligated to share any identifying information to participate. If you choose to share your identifying information, we will keep it confidential unless you give us permission to share it. However, in order to protect your family, please note that we do not hold any kind of privilege and you should exercise caution if you have an open case. Please also note we are not able to provide legal advice or guidance and encourage you to seek expert support from an attorney. 

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