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Do you believe in:

  • Fighting against a system that is racist, harms children, and creates trauma that undermines entire communities, especially Black and Indigenous communities?

  • Building a network of community-based resources accessible to families outside of the family policing system?

  • Centering the voices of families and communities with lived experience and expertise in our work?

  • Fundamentally reimagining child safety?

Join Us in Achieving Our Goals:

  • Build partnerships with a wide range of organizations and communities, including parents, youth, and advocates.

  • Develop a list of demands for local public officials that will prevent harm from the family policing system for our local communities.

  • Educate community members to spread awareness about the family policing system, the crossroads it has with many other racist systems, and the present day impacts on Indigenous, Black, Brown, and low-income families.

  • Reallocate resources and invest in community by working to break down harmful and biased child welfare policies.

What do members do?
All we ask of members is that people participate in meetings when they can and contribute to our work however they are able. Meetings will be held in both the evening and daytime to increase access. Because this coalition is just starting out, there are a lot of opportunities for leadership. People who have experienced the family policing system and advocates who have worked in that system are encouraged to join, regardless of previous coalition experience.​

Please sign-up for our coalition here.

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