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We envision a world in which all communities and families have the resources and support that they need to thrive; a world in which the safety of children is not determined by the economic status of their families, and parents are not deemed “unsafe” or “unfit” based on the color of their skin. In our reimagined world:

  • Children’s inalienable rights to their parents are not stripped from them. In our current world, that is most likely to happen to Black and Indigenous children.

  • Financial and other resources are equitably distributed to communities so that those who are systematically disadvantaged by institutionalized racism receive the greatest investments and are able to determine for themselves the allocation of those resources.

  • Families that have been ripped apart by the current racist family policing system receive reparations for the harm caused and resources for ongoing support to address the trauma and irreparable damage they’ve suffered.

Our Vision: Welcome
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