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  1. the so-called child welfare system is operating exactly as it was designed, which is as a racist family policing system;

  2. children, especially Black and Indigenous children, are being needlessly ripped from their families and harmed by a system that claims to exist to protect them, but in fact creates worse outcomes for children;

  3. the family policing system creates intergenerational trauma that undermines the fabric of entire communities; 

  4. the family policing system is irreparably rooted in white supremacy;

  5. the family policing system conspires with other fundamentally white supremacist systems including the criminal legal system, education, healthcare, housing, and others;

  6. we must build a network of community-based resources accessible to families wholly apart from the family policing system;

  7. we must center the voices of families and communities with lived experience and expertise in our work;

  8. we must fundamentally reimagine child safety.

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