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July 20, 2023, 5:30-7:30pm on Zoom. Please join us as we:

  • Hear from system-impacted individuals: hear from folks who have been involved with the family policing system, who are now working to reimagine child safety and advocate for change.

  • Formulate our goals: RCSBAB wants to base our goals on the input of impacted people so we can help create the changes that are most needed. We want to know about your experiences and any solutions you want to see.

  • Come together as a community: we encourage parents, children, and anyone who identifies as system-impacted to attend the townhall. We plan to share supportive resources and facilitate supportive connections.

Community Panel and Listening Session: About

Why is the coalition holding this event?

  • We are holding this event because we want the work we do as a coalition to address the issues impacting people in our communities the most.       

  • We also want people currently being impacted by the child welfare system to be aware of the supports available to them. And we want them to know that when they are ready, they can join the movement for systematic change.

How will the information shared be used?   

  • We will take down notes of everything shared at this event (removing identifying information). We will then use those notes to create the coalitions goals. We will pay attention to things like issues in specific counties, specific policies that are harmful, etc. Any suggestions from attendees, like possible solutions, will be shared with the entire coalition to consider.                   

  • We will also try and connect attendees with helpful information and resources based on what is shared.

What can I expect if I attend this event?    

  • The event will be 120 minutes long. We encourage people to attend the whole things but understand if people need to come late or leave early.      

  • You will hear from 2-3 people who were impacted by the child welfare system that have went on to fight for systematic change.

  • You will have an opportunity to share about your own experiences and solutions that you want to see (2-3 mins). You can share out loud in a group or write out your experiences in a form. There are no requirements around sharing, you can a share little, a lot, or not at all.

  • This event will not be recorded.  Privacy and confidentiality will be a high priority. If you have obligations which require you to report, please do not attend.                               

Who will be attending this event?   

  • This event has an open invitation to people that have been impacted by the child welfare system.               

  • Members of RCSBAB will be joining to support in facilitating and note taking.

  • There will be no participants that work with child welfare agencies, minors counsel, mandated reporters, or otherwise system involved that could impact an ongoing dependency case or child welfare issue.            

Can I join the RCSBAB coalition?

  • Yes! The coalition is looking for more members. We especially encourage people who have been impacted by the child welfare system to join even if they do not have previous coalition experience.

  • Membership to this coalition only requires aligning with the coalition values and committing to attend meeting when you can and contribute to work when you are able. 

Community Panel and Listening Session: Text
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